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Terrazzo Floor Installation

Terrazzo Floor Installation

Miami Nice Floors, Inc. was founded in 1987 and is currently owned and operated by Giancarlo Sardone. The original owner, Roy Arias, led the company until 2007, when he died tragically in a car accident. Roy's terrazzo work with MNF can be seen in dozens of locations such as Sushi Samba on Miami Beach's Lincoln Road and the Dolphin Mall to numerous residences, hotels, and commercial locations all over South Florida. If you've walked into any hotel in South Beach, chances are you've stepped on a floor that Roy and his workers either installed or restored.

Under Roy, Miami Nice Floors worked extensively on a wide range of terrazzo applications such as installation, rustic terrazzo installation, and terrazzo restoration. Today, Miami Nice Floors concentrates solely on the installation of terrazzo from scratch. MNF prides itself on working at the cutting edge of the industry. Advancements in machinery, the advent of diamond abrasives, and the inclusion of exotic aggregates such as glass, mother of pearl, and various metals, are used to provide an efficient application of both traditional and newer forms of terrazzo.

In 2008, Giancarlo partnered with William Thornton of Colonial Floor Care. They purchased Miami Nice Floors from Roy's son - Roy Jr., and Roy Sr.'s wife, Helen. William stepped aside from the company to concentrate on terrazzo restoration and currently handles the sales and marketing for Miami Nice Floors. William is now partnered with Ray Ortiz, an accomplished terrazzo mason in his own right, to run Colonial Floor Care.

The art of creating new terrazzo demands the full attention and respect from the artisan. Like Roy, Giancarlo's hands and eyes will be there, at the jobsite, throughout the terrazzo installation. In between floor installations, he collaborated with internationally known artists such as Jim Drain, Tao Rey, and Dennis Palazzolo. His terrazzo works has been displayed in sculptural form by artists in the Bass Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art: Miami, Miami Art Museum, and in numerous galleries. Giancarlo continues his work in the arts to further solidify terrazzo's legitimacy as an artistic medium.

Giancarlo is a self-taught terrazzo mason. His father, brother, and grandfather worked in crafts such garment pattern making, motorcycle and auto mechanics, watch mechanics, etc. Giancarlo excels in trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc. He lives in Miami Beach, FL and works out of his warehouse at 290 NE 59th St., in the heart of Little Haiti, blocks away from Miami's Design District and Wynwood Arts District.

Giancarlo's oldest brother, Aldo, lived in Seattle, WA, where he befriended the artists who completed this terrazzo art floor (pictured). Aldo came to visit Giancarlo in Miami Beach for his 25th birthday in November of 2005. After a eureka moment during Art Basel in December, Giancarlo decided to take up the craft of terrazzo.

After buying all the tools and materials, and much trial and error, he devised techniques that were not connected to any traditional form of terrazzo masonry. He was able to trade knowledge with the main artisan responsible for completing the art floor, Ian J. Boyd. Ian was flown in from Eugene, OR, to work on this floor (pictured), which was completed in 2009. Today, Ian is an active advisor to Miami Nice Floors, providing access to an extensive database of knowledge provided by the very competitive terrazzo market of the Pacific Northwest.

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