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Over time, household dirt, sand and grime will accumulate and disfigure the stone to appear as a old-aged and dull Colonial Floor & Stone Care can remove dirt and stains within the damage stones, repair the surface, and provide a protective coating that will shine and dazzle your guests.Deep cleaning system is a process that will remove most heavy dirt or stains from the surface of the stone.


Diamond polishing is when we use diamond abrasives to hone/ scratch the stone to a high shine. This result of polishing it with fine abrasives we start at one grit and we go to a finer and finer grit until you can not see a scratch pattern. They will then switch to ,a powdered abrasive to achieve the final polish. Powder abrasives contain superfine crystals of aluminum oxide or tin oxide. This is then worked into the stone with a floor machine (buffer) using water and cloth or polyester fiber pads. The powder is worked into slurry until a polish is achieved. After this is achieved, craftsman removes the slurry with a wet-vac and rinses the floor to remove excess powder. This is a simple procedure, but it requires practice for this to be done correctly. Our Craftsmen are throughly trained to do this process correctly as not to burn the stone. A characteristic of a burned floor is a dimpled appearance; the stone will have a molten, plastic shine, commonly called "orange peel," which is obvious to anyone who sees it. If the craftsmen orange-peels the floor, he will have to re-hone the floor to remove it. On the other hand, if too little powder is used, the final polish may not be achieved. At Colonial Floor & Stone Care, we will do the job right the first time.


Grinding of your surface is usually recommended when stone tiles are uneven. Grinding (leveling) is the process by which the surface is aggressively sanded to remove the lippage from the stone. There are many very good reasons for grinding a stone floor flat.Grinding is recommended when the lippage exceeds 1/8 inch or if one desires to have a completely flat floor. Lippage is the term given to uneven tiles that are set higher than one another. A flat floor is easier to maintain; since there will be no lips where dirt can accumulate. The grinding process, if performed correctly, will also eliminate depressed grout joints—the grout will be even with the tile's surface so that dirt and grime can't accumulate. A completely flat floor eliminates all unevenness, giving the floor the illusion of being monolithic (one piece). (A floor does not necessarily have to be ground to remove scratching, our skilled craftsmen can repair scratching without grinding) Grinding can be very time consuming and messy, using large amounts of water that makes large amounts of slurry which can be very messy. Your craftsman will go over the pro's and con's of this proceedure for your floor.


To smooth the stone with the use of abrasives is called Honing. This is not as aggressive as Grinding, but will remove scratches and round edges of the stone, thus having a smooth finish to the edge. Diamond Abrasives are used, as well as silicon=carbide bricks or screens. If not trained properly the craftsman doing the honing can leave the stone surface with very little shine. You may hear use talk about the "grit" size when talking about honing and grinding. Be sure that at Colonial Floor & Stone care are craftsman again, will do it right the first time.


All stone is porous and WILL absorb liquids and can easily be stained by acidic items such as citus juices and other foods and oils! .You absolutely must seal ANY natural stone tile including marble. Your natural stone and grout may need to be periodically sealed. For small jobs, you can purchase the product and do it yourself, or contact us to perform the service for you. However when our company comes to clean and polish your Marble or stone flooring we will seal with impregnator searler.

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