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Removing Etches From Marble

Removing Etches From Marble

Marbles are beautiful stone because they add something different to a home. However, they can easily be damaged even by stepping on them. According to the professionals, more marbles are damaged due to spill of some liquids on the surface areas. Any form of liquid that spills on the marble tops can result to discolorations, stains and even permanent damage to the marble. Marbles are prone to the acidic chemical reaction. Normally, it is because of the accidental spills that can possibly happen every day such as coffee, juices and teas. Yes of course, some simple spills can be easily clean by just wiping them off. There are some products which are ready to use for cleaning marble tiles and floors. On the other hand, the longer you leave etches unattended, then it could eventually result to further serious damage or even permanent damage.


Lemon juice, vinegar, coffee, wine and other liquids with high content level of acid can cause damages to the marble. They will certainly etch the surfaces of the marbles right after the spills. Etches appear like a small or large dots on the marble. But keep in mind that there are etches that are hard to remove thus it needs special techniques. Etches can be classified into three categories, it can be minor, moderate and severe.

In case you notice some marks or imperfections on your marble floors, here are some helpful tips for you in order to remove etches on marble.


  1. Make sure that the top of the marble is clean and there are not form of dirt or dust. Use a damp sponge to clean the marble tops and then wait for some minutes to dry.

  2. Put an ample amount of marble polishing powder directly where etches are found. This is to lightly cover the damages. You can get a good and high quality marble polishing powder via online or in any local home improvement stores.

  3. Gently rub the powder all over the marbles. Dampen a clean soft cloth and wipe it to remove etches. A technique is to wipe etches opposite for example, etch is vertical then wiping should be done in horizontal motion. Keep this step until you notice that the etching is fading, wait until it is no longer visible thus the marble is already shiny.

The instructions mentioned above are recommended to treat etched marbles. But, when the marbles in your home are too dull and severely damaged, seeking the professionals are advisable this time. Talk to an expert today, visit and call now!

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