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Marble Repolishing

Marble Repolishing

A home with marbles on floors, walls and on ceilings truly add a beautiful scenery to it. Regardless, if the marbles are installed in the counter top, bathroom, kitchen, sink or in the living room, marbles would be always perfect for it. But marbles should be treated properly in a regular basis so that its lust would last for a long time just like the first day it was freshly installed. Keeping it clean regularly will definitely enhance its beauty and natural characteristics. Basically, you can always find a way to keep your precious marbles at home always in its best condition.

  1. Regular Cleaning

This is actually the easiest step in keeping your marbles fresh and beautiful. In a regular basis, wipe the marbles in your home with medium-warm water. You can use a soft old towel or cloth to wipe on the marbles. Aside from that, using a light coat of wax for marbles is also helpful. Another alternative of in case there is no marble polishing solution available, simply prepare a hand-washing detergent with warm water.

  1. Polishing Marbles on Your Own

Cleaning the marbles at home can be an easy task for you but not the repolishing job. Marble floor repolishing needs to utilize a floor buffing machine, diamond spacer and sanding pads, several sponges and clean old cloth, and a plastic sheeting. Anything on the marble surfaces that can be damaged by water are ought to be sealed or covered. Strip or wax any sealer from the marble. Next is to put the space holders in place. You also need to sprinkle some amount of cold water on the marbles thus ensure that it is wet all throughout the grinding process. Wet vac the area after grinding it, this is to make sure that there no missed spots. Keep on repeating the process until all marble tiles were polished.

  1. Commercial Marble Polishing

On the other hand, if you think you cannot be a handyman to polish your marbles at home, you can still make them beautiful by just simply seeking the professionals and let them do the job for you. Seek professional help by calling a reliable company in your place. Today, there are a lot of professional companies who can provide excellent services. Invite them to visit your home and examine the dull marbles. They are willing to give a free estimation and check-up. The experts are also capable of giving extras for your own precious stones such as slip resistant as well as an extra gloss for more beautiful marble looks. Basically, for many house owner it is always a best option to hire the professionals because you are assured with the quality of their works.

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