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Marble Maintenance Service

Marble Maintenance Service

Floors made with marble need appropriate attention and care in order to maintain their shine, elegance and class. But the question here is that, do you know how to polish marble flooring? There are professional companies who can provide world-class services and who are trusted over the years. On the other hand, you may simply keep your marble floorings shiny and classy through do-it-yourself procedure.

Daily Maintenance

Basically, the effortless and not so expensive way of polishing marble flooring is by doing day-to-day housekeeping. First, make sure that there are not water or moisture on the marble floor. When using a rug make sure that the cloth is soft to prevent scratches and stains. You can use medium-warm water and mop the marble floor. As much as possible, dry the marble when grease and dirt were removed.

Periodic Professional Care

This type of maintenance requires floor contractor who is able to maintain the natural gloss or lustre of the marble. Thus, it significantly inhibits any form of resoiling and deterioration. The process of mechanical honing followed by buffing results to an incredibly smooth surface and luxurious shine. Thus, this specific technique can be applied once a month or even quarterly. Regular marble cleaning is really essential to the hardness or durability of the marble. Moreover, it surely saves a lot of money as compared to when hiring professional marble cleaners for extensive approach.

Floor Restoration

In case the marble flooring has been scratched or some discoloration occurred. Its natural color and shine can actually be restored by means of the wet sanding as well as chemical stripping. However, such procedure highly requires of wearing protective suits for the cleaners. The Sanding process must be conducted first followed by the honing and polishing.

Specific Cleaning Problems

Usually, marble floorings are being affected by stained caused by oil, iron, grease, smoke and other liquids or chemicals. As much as possible, use the gentlest approach when cleaning or polishing the marble flooring. Never try to eradicate the marble stains by scraping or applying bleach solutions for it could only worsen the damage of the marble. If an acid like vinegar accidentally drop to the marble floorings, make sure to wash it away with water and wipe it with soft, clean rug. In case, the marble flooring in your home needs to be polished professionally, simply contact a local marble polisher company and hire their experts. For big cleaning marble floors or walls, it is advisable to hire an expert for test procedures and other systematic specifications.

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