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Q. What is Marble and Granite? Is there much difference?

A. Both are stone and they're quarried from the earth, however all stones are very different.Granite is a hard natural ingneous rock that is form from feldspar, quartz and Biotite. under high temperature and pressure. Depending on the amounts of these minerals is where the different in color and striations appear. Where as Marble and other similar natural stones similar such as: Limestone, Travertine and Onyx, begin as sediments such as shell, plant matter, silt and even bone from skeletons that have solidified after millions of years.

Q. I have just brought a home with marble tile in the foyer and formal living room, however we have discovered where some to the tiles are not level. Can anything be done for this problem?

A. YES, what you are describing is called Lippage. This can be cause because of poor installation or because of settling of the foundation these tiles where place over. The process we use is called Honing. With this process we use a powerful tool that will grind the marble down level. When this process is complete, then the marble can be cleaning and polished to a brillant shine and sealed for it's future protection. This will add years of life to this floor.

Q. Our Marble countertops are looking pretty dull, I regularly cleaned then with mild detergent, however it seems that after a spilling fruit juice on it a few times, it is getting worse by the day, what should I do?

A. Marble is a durable but pourous stone. Fruit juices, especially citrus and high acidic juices will unfortunately dull the surface by "etching" the surface. Regular cleaning will not always prevent this, especially if the spill is not noticed and blotted up quickly. For the best result a professional cleaning, polishing and sealing will once again bring your Marble back to it's original shine and with the sealing will help maintain that look for years.

Q. What is the best way for Marble to be cleaned on a daily basis?

A. After marble is installed regular/daily cleaning should be done. Never use any type of powder or harsh cleaner on Marble. or any ammonia which is in popular cleaning products such as Windex. Gentle soap and a clean soft cloth such as a chamee should be used. If any citrus juice or acidic liquid, such as vinegar is spilled, it should be "blotted" up (as opposed to a wiping action) to prevent this liquid from scratching due to the etching the acid in the liquid does to Marble. Also drying with another clean soft cloth is also suggested to keep a streak free shine to the surface.

Q. Exactly what is a sealer and why do I need to have my Marble sealed?

A. In the industry sealers are called "Impregnators" because designed to penetrate below the surface of the Marble, or other stone where they coat the individual minerals below the surface of the stone and deposit solid particles in the pores of the stone . Thus, water, oil and soil are restricted from entering the stone. the will not however prevent high traffic patterns which over time will scratch and dull the Marble or any etching from spilled acidic liquids that are not cleaned up ASAP, the impregnator will keep the acidic liquid from penatrating the stone but not the top surface. Using a high quality rug with rubber backing in your high traffic areas of your Marble or stone flooring will help extend the life. Sealing your investment is still the best way to keep the most common stains from water and oils base products and will give you more time to blot up any spills that may happen.

Q.How long will a Sealer work on my newly installed Marble and will it have to be maintained regularly

A. Yes. It is just like any other sealer. If you seal the paint or stain on a wooden deck, you still have to pressure wash it regularly. Sealers will last longer when the stone is properly cared for. Routine cleaning with gentle soap and water with a clean soft cloth will go along ways to keep that sealer working longer.

Q.We just bought a home that has marble floors through out the main living spaces, however there are visiable scratches and dullness in some places, is there anything that we, the home owners can do to make this look better?

A. Unfortunately no, it sounds like it is time for a professional cleaning and polishing. Marble, over time, especially in high traffic areas will need to be cleaned, polished and resealed. If the previous owners had a reputable Marble polisher do the job right that last time it was done, you should only need a 2 step process. Marble restoration, cleaning and polishing is much less expensive than you may think. give us a call to discuss the matter.

Q.How often does a Sealer need to be applied to our Marble counter tops and vanities we just installed. They have just been sealed and I have been told it will last from "Years" to "not very long". the installer said around a year, is that correct?

A. Most applications for the typical Homeowner should be done annually, as the impregnator does not last forever. It's bonding ability and strength to the stone is lost after about a year. Sealers usually only penetrates to a maximum of about 1.5 mm depending on the porosity of the stone. This is just like retreating your wooden fence with a wood sealer, it will need to be retreated to continue to have the protection that the sealer provides

Q.I have an antique marble top table that I just bought, circa 1890. However the marble is a bit yellow and there are some glass ring marks on it. It was such a good buy and in wonderful condition except for the discoloration of the marble. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

A. Unfortunately for a piece this old and staining it is time to have the Marble professionally restored. The yellowing gives indication that it was properly cleaned and waxed as was the process at the time of it's use, however to bring that marble top back to it's original condition, it will need a good cleaning to remove the old and yellowed wax, may even need some grinding of the surface prior to the polishing and a sealer. It also would be a good idea to think about having tempered glass cut to the size of the Marble to help retain the shine and original look for longer.

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